Best Email Marketing Ideas to Start Your Campaign in 2020

Best Email Marketing Ideas to Start Your Campaign in 2020

Email marketing is a proved and true digital marketing media channel. As other marketing trends come and go, email marketing remains a stable source of traffic and lead generation. Digital marketers know the importance of email marketing to show results at minimum costs than most other channels. But because better of us have been doing email marketing for so long, it can be crucial, at times, to drum up inspiration for new ideas. Over time campaigns become flat, content gets stale, and email progress report begins to suffer. In order to keep that from happening, you must continually innovate and evolve. To help get the wheels turning, here are the best ideas to inspire or improve your upcoming email marketing campaign.

1 – Personalize

It seems like everybody is looking for ways to personalize the web experiences of their users. While individualizing website content can be a complex and daunting task, individualizing email content is quite sincere by comparison. There’s no reason not to be individualizing your emails to at least some degree. You can go as easily including the user’s name in the email subject line, or as in-depth as customizing content, offers, and distribution times for targeted user groups.

2 – Include video content

Showcasing video content or YouTube link in your emails is shown to increase audience interest and engagement. Online Videos help your emails achieve better, and email can help your video content reach a larger audience — it’s a victory.

3 – Include GIFs

Another way to enhance the visual presence of your emails is to include animated GIFs as part of your Picture/design. Animations are a positive way to capture a user’s presence when he or she opens your email. They can also be strategically worked to draw attention to important content or elements within the body of the email.

4 – Target on cart abandoners

Minimize your website’s lost sales or leads by specific targeting abandoners with strategically deployed emails. Dropped cart emails will help put your business and products back at the front of the user’s mind. Repeat product benefits and/or offering benefits to complete the sale (free samples, free shipping, a complimentary consultation, or a discounted or free trial of your service) can help retain your customers who might otherwise never have returned.

5 – Overhaul transactional emails

Transactional emails are the unsung superheroes of email marketing. While they aren’t naturally the most exciting or Original part of an email campaign, they’re still difficult to succeed. Transactional emails help set a tone and develop a relationship with a customer or subscriber. Customers also want transactional emails to keep them updated about important information like order status, returns and exchanges, and billing matters. But just because the reason for a transactional email is to impart information, doesn’t mean it can’t also showcase product/brand personality. If it’s been some time since you revisited your transactional emails, it’s worthwhile to clean them, optimizing for function and form.

6 – Test image types

It’s a good idea to test as many various elements of your emails as possible (not all at once, of course!) One suitable place to start is with images. It’s easy to get into a rut with imagery and not give much thought to which types of pictures ultimately perform best. For example, is there a difference in user response to pictures of products in use versus items on their own? What about between photos of models versus actual customers or clients? Experiment with various types of imagery to find the ones that work better for your campaigns.

7 – Showcase social proof

There’s no exceptional marketing than word-of-mouth recommendations. Take your email marketing to the next step by using it to feature and promote rave reviews from actual clients. Testimonials can be nicely added into cart abandonment emails, transactional emails that get sent early in the subscription procedure, and emails targeting anyone in the thinking phase or likely to be ripe for an upsell.

8 – Create habits

Turn your users into a delighted and engaged audience by teaching them what types of content they want and when to expect it. Podcasters have implemented this tactic for keeping audiences tuning in week after week — new episodes are published according to a set schedule and many users are ready and waiting, listening to the new episode as soon as it’s released. If your content is interesting and your distribution channel is something that can be counted on, users will come to expect and awaited your emails. They may even start earnestly looking forward to the moment your content hits their inbox.

9 – Implement a referral program

A referral program is an efficient way to get users to spread the word on your behalf. Plus it also incorporates that word-of-mouth element mentioned earlier. Referral events definitely require to be run through your site, but you will promote them via email, use email as a means of referral, and add referral reminders in the transactional emails you’re already sending.

10 – Revisit your analysis

How up-to-date is your list analysis? Is your analysis serving your distribution needs well, or are there more useful user attributes you could be focusing on? It’s important to maintain your distribution lists and analysis in good health in order to get the best results from your email campaigns. permit users to self- analysis at signup by asking them for some information about themselves, as well as what types of content or products they’re most wanted. Email is the most effective channel with the potential to deliver conversions at a relatively minimal cost. In order to see results, however, you can’t permit your email campaigns to stagnate. Innovative content and trusted delivery is key to keeping users tuning in to your brand despite the noise and disorder generated in the digital space.



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