Follow the hacking tips to generate more leads, sales and revenue on your website

Follow the hacking tips to generate more leads, sales, and revenue on your website


A website is an essential business tool – and every business uses its site differently. Some use it to generate immediate revenue through e-commerce sales, while others use it for leads, phone calls or physical location visits. There is one thing every business wants to accomplish with its website: the benefits of generating more growth.

There are many ways to increase your leads, sales, and revenue without having to invest in complete redesign and rebuilding. Here are some hacks that you should consider trying – while simple, they can potentially help your business grow significantly.

  1. Audit conversions.

Is your website positively designed to convert into traffic? The fact is, many web design companies are great at creating attractive websites, but they are not experts at conversion rates. If a full-blown conversion audit is performed, it saves less cost.

If you identify problems and make changes to improve them before launching a marketing campaign, this will reduce the cost of wasted ads and provide a strong foundation to begin with. You will always be like split testing and optimizing – starting with a solid base will help you get to that desired insertion number faster.

२. Use call tracking.

If you use multiple traffic sources to generate phone calls, it’s a good idea to send each source to a dedicated landing page with a unique phone number. By using call tracking you will be able to determine which sources make the most phone calls – and your call tracking number will go straight to your main phone number, as it will not interfere with how your phone’s leads are handled. Most call tracking services record all calls, which is great for determining whether baby quality or your sales staff needs to be addressed.

  1. Identify where visitors are scrolling and clicking.

When you know where your website visitors are and aren’t clicking, it can help you to reinstate your offers from the dead zone where they can be clicked again. Heat map tools, such as CrazySig, not only show you where the clicks are originating but also what traffic/referral sources are generating. This tool also shows you how many visitors are scrolling down your pages.

It allows you to test multiple call-to-locations query locations, and be sure to know exactly who saw and clicked on someone. You can’t just put two offers on your website and assume that conversions will just come in. Insights into where your visitors are viewing and where they are clicking provide you with solid data that can be used to convert more traffic.

  1. Analyze your Google Analytics data.

Knowing which traffic sources aren’t generating conversions and what your traffic is doing before converting allows you to make significant changes. Imagine if you were able to recognize that most of the social media traffic didn’t convert? Then you can allocate your social media budget to the channels that make the results.

What if you were able to identify that the majority of your conversions were engaged on your blog before converting?

When you fully understand your Google Analytics data, it helps you eliminate poorly performing traffic sources and maximize marketing efforts that drive the highest percentage conversion.

  1. Establish a live chat.

Many business owners believe that live chat is only good for websites that are trying to generate e-commerce sales. Of course, answering pre-purchase questions can help save sales, and chat operators can drive customers to sales – but every website can benefit from this handy tool.

Think of a restaurant trying to make reservations and physical location visits. Live chat helps make those reservations easier and helps with things like explaining directions. Most chat services will integrate with mobile phones so, in a business-like restaurant, an employee can monitor the live chat. This is a low-cost alternative that will produce noticeable results.

  1. Use the exit popup offer.

Driving traffic to your website is not cheap. Even if you do not drive pay-per-click traffic and pay for each visitor individually, the time and effort required for SEO and social media marketing provide financial value to every person who visits your website.

Most abandoned visitors will never come back, so why not use every option available to try to convert them? Popup Exit Offers do a great job of increasing conversion rates. Even a slight conversion boost should be welcomed. Over time, these exit captures can actually improve your overall return on investment.

  1. Include testimonials and trust signals.

If your website visitors trust your business, they will buy and submit their information. Including testimonials from customers or acclaimed business partners is a great way to build trust. Showing awards, accreditation or authorization like the Better Business Bureau will help your visitors feel comfortable doing business with you.

Whatever you do, don’t include fake testimonials. They can be spotted a mile away and will immediately distract your potential customers from your brand.

  1. Split test landing page changes.

Sometimes the smallest conversion will result in the largest conversion profit. There are easy-to-use tools, such as Ambrose, that will allow you to create multiple landing page versions with slight differences to determine which options convert better.

You can do this with very little coding and development knowledge or experience. Something as drastic as changing the color of your action button or changing the text from “submit” to “instant access” can make drastic improvements.

  1. Distribute your message with the explainer’s video.

Sometimes you need to capture your visitor’s attention in a different way. Customers can become immune to some offers, so you need to introduce clever ways to get their attention. Using explanatory videos on your website or landing page to describe your product or service can really help you to shoot converted numbers through your umbrella.

A successful explainer video will captivate, entertain, and educate viewers – if you go this route, make sure you have a quality video. If its product is damaged, you will not drive your visitors away. Make sure quality is a direct reflection of your brand.


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